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Providing comfort as well as being perfect for the beach with their ability to be easily taken off, flip flops are an essential for the summer wardrobe and are considered an essential of the modern 21st century British man's wardrobe. At Brother2Brother,  there is a range of flip flops from top designers including Ralph Lauren and Armani.

Flip Flops and Sandals from Brother2Brother will ensure that casual occasions have the perfect finishing product to complete any summer outfit and that you will look and feel your best. A range of sizes, designs and colours confirms that there is the perfect summer shoe available and easily accessible for everyone. Flip flops perfectly dress down an outfit whilst maintaining their designer look, perfect for those who wish to  exude understated style.

They provide effortless style and comfort for a more relaxing day and can easily be worn with a range of clothes from jeans through to swimming trunks, so why not take a look at what other designer clothes Brother2Brother stock online that you can match to your perfect summer sandals? 

Along with flip flops, sandals are the perfect summer accessory needed to complete any outfit and are no longer solely about comfort and walking holidays. At Brother2Brother, affordable designer sandals are stocked that allow enough variation to give a personalised unique feeling to the owner of each pair.  They also provide an equally as comfortable alternative to flip flops for those long summer days and can really set off a casual summer outfit.

Mens sandals can sometimes take the form of gladiator style and can be leather or canvas; in Versace's case leather is prominent. These versatile sandals give the impression of wealth and power and are the perfect finishing details to any man's wardrobe. As well as gladiator styles thong and toe enclosed sandals are rising rapidly in the fashion world, with each type being available in a range of styles and colours from tan to black, and occasionally the more unusual.